Terri Smart at Clandon Pottery

Unique contemporary studio ceramics by Terri Smart from her workshop in Surrey, England

Welcome to this "text-only" web page about me and my work, As it is a text-only page, I cannot share with you the large number of images of my pieces that feature on my website. If you can, visit the full website at www.terrismart.co.uk for full images and text.

About Terri Smart

I have a B Sc in Architecture from University College, London, and I worked in architecture and interior design until ten years ago when I had to give up full-time work for health reasons.  I turned to pottery and realised that playing with mud suited me exactly.  I was living in Hong Kong when I first took lessons, surrounded by oriental influences.

Pottery has become a passion.  Sometimes I start with an image or a drawing, sometimes I work directly in clay.  My work is generally stoneware, both hand built
and thrown, and I like to experiment with all sorts of different ideas – trying paper clay, modelling in crank, moulding and tearing and using different coloured porcelain inlays.  Most lately I have ventured into the world of creating glazes and slips, and I find I prefer matt textured surfaces.

The work

I do a variety of styles but every piece is quite unique.....


3 - 6 inch high cats, dogs, sheep, whales, zebras, llamas, camels


A collection of tall, slim african figures inspired by the Maasai of East Africa including male and female figures ranging in height from 10 inches to 4 feet.
Colours are dark brown with pale or coloured beading around the necks


2 - 4 inch high robin, chaffinches, penguins, , blue tit, lapwing, puffin, sparrow, wren, seagull, barn owl, little owl.
Colours generally match those of the originals!


Sailing ships to fishing smacks perched on high waves typically 4 to 18 inches high.
Colours are typically blues, greens and whites

The "High Seas" group is a large (12") wave with a tiny boat riding the crest of the wave.
Colours are typically blues, greens and whites

Burnt Sand

Unglazed pieces including fish, camels, llamas, seed pods and barley heads.
Colours are predominantly sable or white with black-lined features


Raku-fired free-form pieces typically under 12 inches high, including female figures, 'dinosaur' eggs and gourd shaped pieces..
Colours are brown, white and black.

Likely Ladies

A collection of amusing 8 inch high female torsos, each uniquely shaped and each with one arm at rest on its hip. Titled with names such as "Come up and see me" make every viewer smile. Colours are sand, white with black-lined features.


A wide ranging group of free-standing exterior or interior sculpture including the African figures (up to 4 feet), totem poles, bearded barley, elm seed, green flames and the remarkable Flying Fish and Flying Birds which float in shoals and flocks respectively on strands of metal.
Colours are green, brown, black and white.

Pots and Pieces

Jugs, jars, treasure chests, zebra pots, bottles and tootlers in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Colours are white, black, green, brown and blue.

From the wheel

Functional pieces created on the wheel including plates, cups, mugs, teapots, gecko jugs, bowls and porcelain cups. Colours are blue, white and sand

The Artist

Terri Smart's secluded pottery workshop nestling next to the garage of Cherry Cottage, Back Lane, in East Clandon affords a peaceful view over open fields of Surrey. Here, enjoying the quiet and solitude, save for the companionship of BBC Radio 4, with her own wheel and kiln, her clays, glazes, and colours, she creates a unique range of pottery items. For Terri, her work is a passion, even a compulsion. She is fascinated by the feel of the clay, the adventure of experimenting with new techniques and the excitement of taking the finished article out of the kiln.

Terri has not always been a potter, although, to use her phrase, she has always been a bit "arty farty",taking after her father, who was himself an artist. As a student she completed five years training to be an architect then after a spell running a drawing office of a surveying company in England, was enticed to go to Abu Dhabi to work as an architect there. This was the start of fourteen years abroad. After four years in Abu Dhabi and various jobs in interior design and architectural drafting, she moved to Paris to work in interior design where the french she had learned at the Lycee in South Kensington, came in handy. Next, Terri worked for seven years in Hong Kong as an interior designer for two companies including a Chinese firm of architects. At that point, tired by the Hong Kong rat-race, she swapped interior design for pottery. She began day classes at "The Fringe" in a studio owned by an Asian potter in Hong Kong where her English pottery teacher, Liz Cameron, was both excellent and a great inspiration.

Before long Terri was hooked. On moving to Singapore with her husband a year or so later, she rented space in the studio of a Singapore potter, Peter Seah whose experience she could lean on when the need arose. Returning to England in 1994, she set up her own studio at Cherry Cottage and completed her City & Guilds course in Ceramics in 1999, for which she needed to demonstrate competence in a wide variety of techniques including throwing, coiling, slab building and slip casting.

Terri displays and sells her work at Guildford House Gallery on Guildford High Street and at many local Surrey galleries and galleries around the country. She can occasionally be found at a good craft fair. She is a member of several societies (see below) and exhibits at their shows and exhibitions, often creating items for these shows that are "a little bit different and not especially practical". She has set up Kaleidoscope, a cooperative which brings together artists with different skills - glass, textile art and photography as well as ceramics. Whatever you are looking for, a special gift or a piece to add to your own collection, why not call her on 01483 222710 to buy or commission pieces or go and visit her at work. She is happy to undertake commissions based on any image of her work on her website as well as your own ideas. Whether you buy 'off the shelf' or commission a piece you know it will be unique.


Fountain Gallery


Society of Designer Craftsmen

Surrey Sculpture Society

Wey Ceramics Society

Where to find my work


Coastal Creatives, 103 Southborne Grove


Thin Dog Gallery, 2 West Market Place


Cranleigh Arts Centre, High Street, Surrey


Apple Gallery, 3 Wharf Street, Surrey


Guildford House Gallery, 155, The High Street, Surrey

Hartley Wintney

Strawberry Fish, High Street, Hampshire


Harding House Gallery, Steep Hill, Lincolnshire


Riverhouse Barn, Manor Road, Surrey

East Clandon

My Workshop, Cherry Cottage, Back Lane, Surrey

Rowlands Castle

Sculptures in the South, Stansted Park, Hampshire,


Stone Lane, Dorset

Surrey Artists

Online gallery

Craftsman Magazine

Online gallery


Terri Smart,
Cherry Cottage,
Back Lane,
East Clandon,Near Guildford,

Telephone 01483 222710
email terri@terrismart.co.uk