Tall Trees
Tall Tree

These are my "Tall Trees" which were inspired by a visit to Jim Robison at his pottery workshop in Holmfirth, Yorkshire.

Jim Robison is an american ceramic artist who builds his creations using large flat slabs of clay.  A visit to his workshop and an abstract fountain he made for his garden pond inspired me to try using much bigger slabs than I am used to.

They are 100 - 110 cms high.

The Hastings sea stumps - click for a larger image

The three sea stumps rescued and renovated from Hastings by box maker Andrew Poder, decorated with my seascape ceramic tiles and topped with one of my miniature boats are now on view at Cherry Cottage, and generating a good deal of interest.

They're very old and very heavy so will not be taken out to exhibitions so if you'd like to view them, call me to arrange a time to visit the studio.

Click the stumps for a larger image.


My Online Shop is up and running within this website featuring over 40 of my smaller, easily and safely posted birds and animals. Payment can be made securely online using Paypal Balances or Credit cards.

Take a look - Animals, Birds, Cats, Dogs and Aquatic.

Mother and Child

My work is kiln-fired using clean wind or solar electricity from ecotricity who are building new sources of renewable energy in the UK. I use bio-degradable or re-used packaging materials in which to deliver or post my pieces. My work is transported to and from exhibitions using a low CO2 emission Toyota Prius hybrid car.

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